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Man with clear braces

While many people think that orthodontic treatment is just for children, at Columbus Orthodontic Center we are able to help many adults who previously thought it was too late to straighten their teeth. We offer traditional braces as well as more aesthetically-focused options such as Invisalignclear bracesself-ligating braces, and lingual (hidden) braces. We have a wide array of treatment options that can be used to get a beautiful smile, no matter a patient’s age!

The Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Care

adult woman wearing Invisalign tray

Just like we touched on above, it is literally never too late to straighten your teeth as an adult. Right now, Dr. Mason has patients in their 60s and 70s!

Adult orthodontic treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of a patient’s smile, which can benefit someone both personally and professionally. Whether you’re on a date or making an important presentation to a client, having a confident smile can make things so much easier. Many of our professional patients find that they are more sociable after getting treatment.

But, the benefits of treatment aren’t just aesthetic. Orthodontic care can ensure that the teeth are properly spaced, which makes them much easier to clean while brushing and flossing. This, in turn, can dramatically lower a patient’s risk for tooth decay and gum disease. And, by properly aligning the bite, we can improve someone’s ability to bite, chew, and speak, making daily life much more comfortable. Plus, when the teeth come together properly, they are less likely to experience wear and tear over the years, helping a patient preserve their natural smile for as long as possible.  

Important Facts About Adult Orthodontic Care

business meeting going well

Because an adult patient’s bone density if higher compared to a child, the rate of tooth movement during treatment is a bit slower compared to younger patients. Adults undergoing orthodontic treatment may be required to have more frequent dental cleanings as well. A dentist may recommend that a patient undergo orthodontic treatment before replacing any missing teeth in order to create room for the new restorations. When you come to see Dr. Mason for an in-person consultation, he’ll be happy to go over your treatment options and discuss what your particular process will be like, including a predicted timeline.

Adult Braces Limited Case

The patient was only interested in the treatment of upper left canine tooth. The patient had limited treatment for only 8 months.

Older woman with just a few alignment issues

Older woman with perfectly aligned teeth after tretment

Adult Braces Full Case

An adult patient with upper/lower crowding and deep bite. The patient was treated with Self-Ligating braces.

Woman with crowding and a deep bite

Woman's smile during treatment with self-litigating braces

Woman's perfected smile following self-litigating braces

If you are an adult, it’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted. To see which orthodontic treatment is right for you, please contact our office today for a consultation.

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