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closeup of woman placing Invisalign tray
Many adults would like to straighten their teeth, but the idea of wearing noticeable metal braces simply doesn’t work for them. Thankfully, Invisalign can offer a more aesthetically focused treatment option. Rather than brackets and wires, Invisalign utilizes a series of clear plastic aligners to gradually straighten the teeth. This technology is continuing to develop and improve, making it a viable treatment option for the majority of both adults and adolescents.



How Does Invisalign Work?

For Invisalign, you will be given a series of aligner trays. These will fit onto your teeth using tooth-colored attachments (buttons) that are glued directly onto your teeth. Each aligner will be shaped slightly different to make small adjustments to the position of your teeth. The entire process will be mapped out by Dr. Mason beforehand. After wearing one set of aligners (for your top and bottom teeth) for about one to two weeks, you will then progress onto the next one. After you have worn the entire series, your treatment will be complete.

Invisalign Summit 2016 Semi-Finalist Cases

Case 1

Adult female, front and back crossbite, crowded arches, and worn dentition.

Before images of young woman with severe crossbite

Treatment: Patient was treated with Invisalign clear aligners only.

Woman's smile after Invisalign orthodontic treatment

Case 2

Adult female, unilateral posterior crossbite, crowded upper arch, and class II molar relation on the right with a narrow smile on the right side.

Woman with narrow smile crossbite and crowded arch


Treatment: Patient was treated with an expander followed by Invisalign.

Woman following Invisalign and expander treatment


How Successful Invisalign?

The success of an Invisalign treatment will be determined by a clinician’s training and the patient’s compliance with their prescribed treatment plan. Dr. Amin Mason has actually completed a university orthodontic residency which enables him to treat both simple and complex orthodontic issues with Invisalign. In fact, he is actually an Invisalign Premier Provider and has helped hundreds of patients revitalize their smile with this treatment.

In 2016, he was a semi-finalist in the North American Invisalign Summit. This summit seeks to recognize orthodontists from all across the country who have achieved successful clinical outcomes using Invisalign. Hundreds of cases are submitted to the summit each year, and out of them, two of Dr. Mason’s patients were chosen by fellow orthodontists to be featured as semi-finalists.

How Does Invisalign Compare to Braces?

What Are Invisalign Treatment Requirements?

If you would like to see if Invisalign would be right for your smile, please contact our office today for a consultation.

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