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Laser Gingival Recontouring Can Restore Your Oral Health in Columbus

Would you say that you have a “gummy” smile? Do your teeth appear to be short or stubby? As important as the teeth are to the appearance of your smile, the shape and size of your gum line matters just as much. For people who have an excess of gum tissue that shows whenever they smile, Dr. Amin Mason can offer a quick and easy solution using a soft tissue diode laser.

This device uses a narrow beam to light to gently removed and reshapes the gum tissue as needed. It can be used to give you that perfectly proportioned smile. Also, due to the precision of the laser, this treatment causes little to no pain, no bleeding occurs, and healing time is minimal.

Thanks to Dr. Mason’s experience with this tool, he can also use it to uncover partially erupted teeth for bracket placement and even reshape uneven gum tissue.

Below, you can find examples of patients who were treated using the soft tissue diode laser:

Removal of Excess Gingiva and Low Frenum

Smile before removal of excess gum tissue

Smile after removal of excess gum tissue

Tooth Exposure / Uncovering

Before and after soft tissue laser uncovering teeth

Uneven Gingiva Recontouring

Smile before and after gingival recontouring

Are your gums affecting the appearance of your smile? Want that to change? If so, we can help, so please contact our office today for an appointment.

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