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If your child needs braces, you only want the best treatment possible for them. It is imperative to see someone who has the experience and the knowledge to provide high quality treatment. Alternatively, if you are pursuing orthodontic treatment yourself as an adult, it may be worth visiting someone who’s taken the time to address a wide variety of cases, both for young and old patients. As a Board- Certified orthodontist, Dr. Mason is capable of handling most challenging orthodontic treatments.

How Do You Become an Orthodontist?

When students enroll in dental school, they’re given the option to focus on a particular specialty. These specialties can include but are not limited to endodontics, prosthodontics and of course, orthodontics. To become an orthodontist, individuals need to complete a competitive residency at an accredited orthodontic program. This program typically requires two to three years of additional training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

What Is The Board Certification Process?

The board certification is a voluntary process that an orthodontist can go through in order to prove their personal and public commitment to the standards of specialty practice. It also proves they carry a lifelong commitment to the specialty, as board-certifications need to be maintained. Orthodontists will go through oral, written and clinical examination by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) to receive board-certification as they are the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontics.

Maintaining board-certification requires the following prerequisites:

Currently, the board certification rate in is 30 percent in the United States.

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